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In today's research and clinical markets there is a need for technical writers and marketing strategy that understands customer needs.

You may need help with marketing life science capital equipment. Or you need help in marketing reagents for academic, pharmaceutical, or translational research. And you need to address specific customer application areas, whether oncology, neurology, cardiovascular health, immune disorders or a host of other human diseases.

And your target customer segment has complex needs, in genomics, genetics, gene expression / transcriptomics, protein analysis, proteomics, metabolomics, or a combination of these (known as multiomics).

Marketing to scientists is complicated. Persuading this market to find, consider and then purchase your service or product offering requires expertise that comes from decades of experience across these domains.

Founded by the person who has written the popular blog The Next Generation Technologist, Silent Valley Consulting has the capability to solve your content marketing needs.

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Dale has been an unsung hero for many years while quietly accumulating a massive following.
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I admire your expertise AND your stamina!
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High Throughput NGS Systems: Throughput, Time and Cost Graphic
High Throughput NGS Systems: Throughput, Time and Cost Graphic

A useful plot of high-throughput NGS systems, with Gigabases/run on one axis, and Hours/run on the other, and the price per Gigabase illustrated as bubble sizes.

BioIntelli 2.0: A lead generation tool for life science marketers
BioIntelli 2.0: A lead generation tool for life science marketers

Introduction to life science business intelligence Life science vendors, whether well-established or just starting to commercialized, need a source of likely customers who they can market to. They come up with a commercial plan with the “ideal customer profile” laid out, whether an R&D scientist doing CRISPR-Cas9 genome engineering or a process engineer at a large pharmaceutical company looking for better analytical biochemistry equipment capability.Of course they are also interested in customers who are already using their competitor’s products and sell to them. Or to discover who the Key Opinion Leaders are in their narrow marketplace vertical, whether AAV-based gene […]

Observations about Helicos, a single molecule sequencer from 2008
Observations about Helicos, a single molecule sequencer from 2008

A brief history of Helicos Biosciences Does anyone remember Helicos Biosciences? Way back when, in 2009 (per Wikipedia) Stanford co-founder Stephen Quake had his genome sequenced (and published in the prestigious journal Nature Biotechnology) for a reported $50K cost in Helicos reagents; that year I remember hearing a talk given by Arul Chinnaiyan at the NCI with single-molecule RNA-Seq data, it was an exciting time. Crunchbase indicates Helicos raised $77M and went public in 2007; they shipped their first Heliscope in 2008, only to be delisted in 2010 and then declared bankruptcy in 2012. Remember,  the Solexa 1G / Illumina […]

The Unmet Needs of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
The Unmet Needs of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

There are plenty of unmet needs in the current iteration of NGS, not the least of which is the effort involved in getting plenty of sequence data

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